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Okay! YOUR girl is Debt Free! What now? During my debt freedom journey, I came across Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) is a financial movement defined by frugality and extreme savings and investment.The possibility that I can retire before 65, I was all ears. I began following various accounts on Instagram and reading many articles on the internet. I came across Mr. Money Mustache(MMM), Our Rich Journey, and Paula Pant, all who were successful in reaching F.I.R.E. I wanted in and I needed to start creating a plan on how to do so. The important factors a prospective FIRER would need is frugality, debt free, and living below their means. My debt freedom journey set the foundations for FIRE and I can’t pass an opportunity to not work for life! I evaluated my income, yearly expenses and current investments shortly. I realized increasing my salary will decrease my FIRE number from 20 years to 10 years. The plan was how and doing what? I explored career options and created a list to find my niche. 

  • A career that will not require schooling which equates to more debt. I wanted no part of school debt! Nope.
  • The option of working remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • The ability for salary advancement to reach 6 figures. 
  • The daily challenge of learning something new or challenging my current skills. 
  • The freedom of being creative. This is something I have been limited in all my workplaces. To be allowed for my work, voice and ideas to be heard. 

I had a list of what I considered to be my ideal career now to find it. One thing I realized was the articles and accounts who reached FIRE a large number had a job in tech, I remember reading in Mr. Money Mustache blog that he was a Software Engineer.I told myself can I become a Software Engineer? Am I good at Math and Science? What do they do? Just like that imposter syndrome kicked in!

Software Engineer met every item on my ideal career list. I was beyond excited that I have transferable skills and don’t need a computer science degree, not be great at Math, and not know any Science. The story of Bukola who was featured on CNBC millennial money was the role model I needed to dismantle my disbeliefs and to hear that she was working towards FIRE. I was completely fangirling!

In December of 2019, a death in my family led me to pursue a Software Engineer career, my current career did not allow remote work, when I needed it the most to spend time with my family to heal. I set out to create a plan and become a Software Engineer in 2020. I set out to create a list of potential coding schools, take any and all FREE courses, and while coding after work still put in hours for overtime. My plate was overfilled! But, I was not giving up. Here’s a quick breakdown of my coding journey leading to the first portion of Grace Hopper Builder’s Course beginning July 31st!

Attended Fullstack Academy Beginners CourseAttended Fullstack Academy Beginners Course-AgainScholarship to Codesmith Remote Javascript for Beginners Scholarship to Codesmith Remote CS Prep CourseApply to
2.Flatiron School
3.Fullstack Grace Hopper Division
Rejected from CodesmithRejected a seat at FlatironAccepted a seat at Grace Hopper
JulyAugustSeptemberOctober November December
Grace Hopper Builder’s CourseGrace Hopper Foundation CourseRemote Coding SchoolRemote Coding SchoolRemote Coding SchoolI’m a Software Engineer! 12/18

As I currently write this post, I am still in disbelief and this girl right here is well on her way to take control of her life by the act of becoming debt-free, every dream or goal that I had imagined to be unattainable I am pursuing. Here is the next chapter in my life. Thank you for being a part of it.