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It has not yet settled in but, I overcame a learning curve like no other. And what was that? Speaking to a computer. It sounds easy but, there’s so much that goes on in our browser and mobile devices. Now, what I am here to say again and repeat what you have heard is that it IS HARD! Now! Wait a minute, quick pause, it’s hard but, you can do it. . Just a brief overview of what the coding boot camp syllabus looks like.

The program is split into 3 phases:

  • Foundations – 4 weeks of self-learning and weekly checkpoints
  • Junior Phase – 6 weeks of remote learning with weekly checkpoints
  • Senior Phase – 6 weeks of build projects! Last phase!

  1. At each phase, you are expected to pass and move on. However, if you do not. You will be given an option to repeat or defer for a later time.
  2. Okay! How did I do it? Well, let me transparent and share that I was faced mid-way with a failing checkpoint and was given the option to defer at the moment or wait for the final project which will determine if I am able to continue the program. The news gave me the push I needed to go harder. Yes, I should’ve gone harder from the start. What I came to discover was my learning language, I struggled during a lecture to immediately get or visually that understand what I was just lectured for an hour. What I did do was implement study habits after I felt like I hit rock bottom. I began to get a picture of concepts. I asked as many questions in the lecture as I could and asked for help from classmates, re-watched lecture videos, and accepted that my 8 hours of sleep was no longer a thing. The beauty of how our brain works when you repeat and do over and over again. Here I am claiming my worth and can proudly say I am a Software Engineer. Here’s to the final phase of building some cool sh%^&.
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