Poderosa Coding




¡Hola! I’m Lidia De La Cruz, creator of Poderosa Coding blog and Instagram page. My coding journey began back in November 2018 when I was preparing to hear rejections for the 2nd time for Occupational Therapy school, I began re-evaluating my career choice and creating a list of the ideal career and the perks it will bring.  I want to have a six-figure job without going back to school and getting into more debt and having to work myself up the ladder. I came across a post on Instagram of a womyn quitting her job to go code. I decided to look into tech and see where I would fit in without having a computer science degree or experience. The inner Bronx Latina in me was ready to take on anything. I began using free coding platforms and asking various people on social media for their thoughts and tips.

Fast forward to now! I accepted a seat at the Grace Hopper Bootcamp School and will be enrolled full-time starting in September 2020!

Here I am sharing it all to help your journey or an affirmation that YOU can do it as well. Thank you for your support and being part of my journey!